Friday, April 30, 2010

Ahead of the Curve

April 29, 2010
By Bret Sayre

Short introduction this week, but here are some lesser-owned (obviously depending on league size) pitchers who have a favorable next 5 start schedule. Of course, I could tell you that Tommy Hanson (HOU, @WAS, @MIL, NYM, @PIT) and Chris Carpenter (CIN, @PIT, HOU, WAS, LAA) have great upcoming starts, but you were going to start them anyway - and they're certainly not free agents.

Pitchers ho!

Hiroki Kuroda - Los Angeles (PIT, COL, @SD, SD, @CHC)

Jake Westbrook - Cleveland (TOR, @KC, @BAL, CIN, CHW)

Oliver Perez - New York (@CIN, WAS, @FLA, @WAS, PHI)

Clayton Richard - San Diego (MIL, COL, @SF, SF, @SEA)

Colby Lewis, Matt Harrison, CJ Wilson, Rich Harden, Scott Feldman - Texas
Team upcoming schedule: @SEA, @OAK, KC, OAK, @TOR, LAA, BAL, CHC, @KC

Seriously, look at this team's upcoming schedule. Needless to say, I'm very high on ALL Rangers over the next month - hitters included.

Jeff Niemann - Tampa Bay (KC, @SEA, @LAA, CLE, @HOU)

David Price - Tampa Bay (KC, @OAK, @LAA, CLE, @HOU)

Bronson Arroyo - Cincinatti (NYM, @PIT, STL, @CLE, PIT)

Jhoulis Chacin - Colorado (@SF, @LAD, WAS, @CHC, @KC)

Gavin Floyd - Chicago (KC, TOR, @KC, FLA, @CLE)

And if you want to get crazy deep..

Jeff Manship - Minnesota (@CLE, BAL, CHW, @TOR, MIL)

Of course, Manship may not last more than one start in the Minnesota rotation, but with his first two starts against two of the worst teams in the AL, he'll have as good of a chance as possible.

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